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The book recounts the experiences of an Italian university research team, who in September 2003, spent 30 days in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, doing field studies.

The team was composed of graduate student Emiliano Mazzetti, undergraduate student Luca di Salvo, and their professor, Alessandro Trojani.  The trip was planned in Florence during the 2003 spring semester at the University of Florence.  The scope was to collect testimonials to document the presence of Italians in West American during the years of the Gold Rush and their presence today.

The oral information was collected using a system of audio-video equipment to create a photographic documentary.  We used 2 portable computers, 2 digital video cams, three digital cameras, a radio microphone and a GPS to document locations.

We transported all of the instruments, along with our personal luggage, food, water and other accessories in our 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Our journey took us deep into isolated desert areas.

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